Parents are strongly advised to read the following terms and conditions thoroughly. You are reminded that having signed the application form to register your child with Butterflies Nursery you have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as stated.

  1. Fee paying parents will be required to pay a month’s deposit this is used as your last month’s fee’s when notice is given this is not a cash refund and a one off non refundable registration fee of £60.00 prior to attendance to secure your place. Fees will then be payable on the 1st of every month, and your deposit held until you give one months’ notice to terminate your place. Parents are responsible for all fees billed, even if the fees are to be paid by a 3rd party,

e.g Local Authority, college or workplace, if they fail to pay, for whatever reason, parents will be expected to pay the outstanding amount immediately.

  1. Failure to pay promptly will result in your child being refused entry to nursery and eventually losing their place. Continued non-payment of fees will always be taken seriously, and court proceedings will be instigated.
  2. Butterflies Nursery will not operate on Bank Holidays (fees are calculated to factor in Bank Holidays). There will be no refunds made in the unlikely event that the decision is made to close the nursery due to adverse weather conditions or other situations out of our control.
  3. There will be no refunds for sickness or holidays as your child’s place is secured throughout the year. It is not possible to arrange for a child to “make-up” time in the case of an absence from nursery.
  4. A rate of £5.00 will be charged for every 5 minutes that any child is collected later than their pre-arranged time, as this can severely affect the staffing ratios, as laid down by Ofsted. These charges can increase to a maximum of £100.00, payable on collection.
  5. Fee increase will be notified one month in advance, and any changes to these terms and conditions will be displayed on the ‘parents notice board’ and on Famly.
  6. If you intend to remove your child from “Butterflies Nursery,” or change attendance times, a minimum of one month’s written notice or one month’s fees in lieu of notice is required, if your child attends nursery on a monthly basis. We will endeavour to accommodate all requests subject to availability.
  7. The Nursery retains the right to use their absolute discretion in deciding whether or not to accept any child. The Nursery retains the right to require the removal of any child from Nursery by giving 24 hours written notice.
  8. The Nursery retains the right to refuse any child entry to nursery if they are deemed unwell and to ask parents to collect their child if they become ill whilst at nursery. In an emergency the nursery reserves the right to call a Doctor or have the child taken to hospital should it be considered necessary.
  9. If your child receives Nursery Education Grant Funding and you fail to complete or sign a funding form, you will be liable to pay Butterflies Nursery for 15/30 hours (whichever is applicable). It is your responsibility to inform us if you are claiming whole or part of your 30 hours funding with another provider, or you find you are not eligible for the funding.


  1. By signing a Nursery Education Grand Funding form, you are agreeing to Butterflies Nursery claiming 15/30 hours of funding on your behalf for the WHOLE TERM. If you decide to remove your child during term time, there will be No refunds of NEG for that funding period. Whilst we endeavour to accommodate parental requests for times and days for your 15/30 hours of funded childcare, all places are due to availability and at the discretion of the Nursery Manager to meet your entitlement.