When Butterflies Nursery have places free, they will be offered to children whose names are on completed application forms, supplied by the nursery, and held on a waiting list.

The nursery place will be offered to the parent/guardian informally by telephone then confirmed in writing.

Parents are then invited to visit the nursery with their child before the start date, providing the opportunity for parents/guardians and the child to speak with staff, familiarise themselves with the nursery routine and get to know the other children.

Parents are welcome to stay with their child until they feel ready to leave them. We always suggest the child is introduced gradually into the nursery environment.

The staff will work with each parent and child to ensure a positive entry to the nursery.

Inclusion / SENCO

Butterflies Nursery believes that no child, should be excluded from the nursery’s activities because the child has special needs or disabilities as defined by the Children Act 1989 and/or the Education Act 1993.

Butterflies Nursery are committed to recognising and responding sensitively to the needs of any child or parent/guardian regardless of age, gender, class, family status, ability, disability, race, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief.

Butterflies Nursery will accept people’s differences and treat each person as an individual. Butterflies Nursery will support children with learning difficulties and disabilities and will work with outside agencies to meet the child’s needs.

We will aim to acquire the necessary information about the specific situation to further support the parents.

Butterflies Nursery will offer staff training where possible to increase their knowledge and skills to ensure that each child is offered equal opportunities within the nursery.




As part of the registration process we are duty bound to inform social care of any worries we may have regarding a child’s welfare and safety.


The Security and Safety of all the children in our care is our main priority. Therefore, we ask that you comply with our policies to guarantee this. When registering your child at Butterflies Nursery you will be given an ‘authorisation to collect section’ you must return this as soon as possible with the necessary information and a photograph of any persons you authorise to collect your child from nursery. If we do not have this form on file, your child WILL NOT be allowed to leave nursery with ANYONE other than the main carer.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our staff.

Any Parent or member of the public found to be in breach of this will be asked to leave the premises.

Parent – Pack

We have a ‘Parent Pack’ which contains all the information you will need regarding our polices and necessary guidelines. Unfortunately, we do have some rules and regulations and we ask that you read this pack carefully to ensure the health and safety of all the children in our nursery.

Children’s Act 1989

Butterflies Nursery are registered by Ofsted, who inspect us regularly to ensure we comply with the ‘Children’s Act 1989’. A copy of our inspection reports are available on the parents board.